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Lazada is a great website at first glance. I bought an expensive item with a 14 days guarantee and the item was defective before that time (lucky for me). I sent back the item and it took a few weeks for the seller to send me a text message saying "item now ok". Thinking they fixed it I was happy to receive the item back.

After realising that the item was not fixed I contacted Lazada who told me that there has been a misunderstanding: the seller did not fix anything because they checked the item and they found nothing wrong (item was not starting when I sent it and did not start properly when I got it back). I had to spend 1 hour and 5 minutes (to be precise) on the phone with them before they finally accepted to let a manager handle the case. The guys I had one the phone did not want to let me talk to his supervisor it was crazy.

I received a message the next day saying that they will take the item back under those circumstances and reimburse me under 7 days. I happily sent the package back and asked for news after 14 days of no feedback. I was told that the seller was examining the item before the reimbursement was going to happen. Really Lazada? I told them that the seller was the problem in the first place and asked why they were waiting for their approval. No response.

The next day I received an email from them saying they were very sorry but the seller did not find anything wrong with the item and that it will be shipped back to me.

At this point I was furious and I threaten to sue them because what they were doing was clearly against the law.

After 24 hours I did not receive any answer from them so I sent another email explaining all the proof I had against them. I had a very solid case so I was not going to let it slide (the item was expensive!)

I finally received a email from Lazada saying they were sorry and were going to reimburse my item.

Never again Lazada! I will use the ridiculously small voucher you gave me to "make-up" for your incompetence but I will never buy anything from you after that.

I gave you the small version but Lazada also lied at multiple times trying to make me believe the guarantee was actually 7 days. The seller lied to them but they did not care and sided with them when I am their customer. Terrible!

You just lost a valuable customer and I will do my best to warn innocent buyers against you.

Note: I bough from, seller: GAME BOY

I think I talked to people from the headquarter in the Philippines on the phone but I am not sure. Number was 02-018-000

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